About Ross

Hi! My name is Ross, I currently study web development at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. I like PC and Switch gaming, especially resource management or of course Mario Kart. All my life I've lived in Molenhoek, a small village to the south of Nijmegen. In September 2022 I started at GLU and since then I have discovered my love for programming.


My passion is using databases and API's to make the website more dynamic. Getting information and using it in exciting ways is what I love to do. Front-end is something I wouldn't like to specialize in, but it would be a good skill to have. Therefore, am I open to learning more about it.


As you may have noticed, I only use English on this website. For programming I exclusively use English, with friends I also prefer English over Dutch. Even though I'm fluent in both languages, I feel I can express myself better in English.

3D Printing

For my 3D printer I either download cool prints from Thingiverse or I make them myself. I use both Blender and Cinema4D. I'm not fluent in either of these, but I know my way around them.

When I design my own models it's not something overly complicated, just functional. For example a stand for a server monitor, or a fan. I'm currently creating my own board game with 3D-printed models. Right now I'm in the process of writing the rules and the back-end.


User: Burrito_Princess
From: NL
Random game: Subnautica (1 min)
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